Friday, September 5, 2008

Minutes for August 6, 208

CNMI Organization for Conservation Outreach [CoCo]

Meeting - Wednesday, August 6, 2008 @ DEQ conference room


Welcome & Introductions

The meeting was attended by: Kathleen Herrmann (DEQ), Lauren Sanchez (DPW - energy), Norbert (DPW Energy), Teny Topalian (PIRO), Brooke Nevitt (CRM), Daniel Villegas, (DEQ intern); Olivia Tebuteb (DEQ), Kathy Yuknavage (CRM) and reina camacho (DEQ).

Agency Updates

  1. Teacher camp (coral reefs and general environmental resources) will be held on Sept 4 & 5 at CRM office; space is limited. Brooke will email flyer for CoCo members to distribute.

Scavenger Hunt – lead persons are Fran Castro and John Starmer

Only a handful submitted clues; still need more. Discussion on the underwater camera as prizes; Kathy will write up a justification for 1-2 cameras as prizes for a side watershed (ridge 2 reef) photo contest. available funds from CRMs account can be used toward the purchase of supplies and/or incentives for the scavenger hunt (volunteer shirts, totebags, waterbottles, etc.)


  1. ALL - submit watershed clues, DUE AUGUST 13th via email to Daniel (
  2. ALL – recruit at least 5 staff from each agency to volunteer
  3. Daniel – create visuals for use is print advertising
  4. Brooke – develop radio script
  5. Fran/Energy Office – look for funding for Ads

Take the Right Route (RR)lead by Energy Office

Date is confirmed for October 10(Friday); giveaways for participants (1000 zories, lanyards, water bottles, light bulbs, etc.) and coordinators (goody bag of energy stuff) have been secured.


1. reina - finalize flier (need energy office input); and set up presentations at Chamber, Rotary, HANMI, MVA, etc
flyer distribution at post office, grocery stores (Costco, ace hardware, etc.); perhaps have conduct face-to-face presentations to recruit offices;

2. Energy - secure money for newspaper and radio advertisements


Next Meeting – Wed, September 3, 2008, 9:30am @ Energy Office in Capitol Hill.


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