Friday, September 25, 2009

Marine debris data from the Coastal Cleanup

Volunteer groups who took part in the International Coastal Cleanup were asked to tally the types of marine debris they encountered. Although we've only gotten a handful of data sheets back from Tinian and Saipan, the data so far is pretty interesting - considering that most of these things stick around hundreds of years!

I'm listing the most common debris here:
  1. Cigarette butts- 3,555
  2. Caps and lids - 3,046
  3. Plastic beverage bottles - 2,567
  4. Beverage cans - 2,201
  5. Cups, plates, etc. - 1,523
  6. Pull tabs - 1,109
  7. Glass beverage bottles - 758
  8. Plastic bags - 576
Thanks to all the groups who took the time to collect this important information. It will all be submitted to the Ocean Conservancy for its annual worldwide report on marine debris.

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