Monday, March 17, 2008

Meeting Minutes for January 10, 2008

CoCo Meeting @ DEQ – Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome & Introductions
- reina called meeting to order at 9:10am
- Meeting was attended by Mike Tripp, Teny Topalian, Reina Camacho, Kathy Yuknavage, brooke nevitt, nate Hawley, ken Kramer, Angelo Villagomez

Agency Updates (round robin)
CAP – jan 16-19, 2008 @ PIC, by invitation only, limited to 20pax; must register with Fran Castro, 664-8570 or via email
DFW – want to know how Invasive species fits w/Micro Challenge? We request a micro challenge mtg update?
Marianas dive – underwater cleanup on Sun, Jan 20th @ Grotto;
Suggestion to promote report violations; 888-4917 (DFW marine enforcement hotline) and increase crime stopper #.
CRM – completed stairs @ obyan beach; access ramp for people w/disabilities.; reviewing 100-500 of CRM regs; will distribute for review to other agencies upon completion of the draft.
RARE – stakeholder meeting, PIC, Jan 24, 9am-12noon. Various representation.
MINA – completed the first phase of the re-vegetation at obyan beach; Executive Director met with teachers of the environmental camp to review lesson plans; MINA will hold camp in 2008.

Old Business
1. IYOR update:

a.) Jan 18 Proclamation
- Manamko – open
- Fisherman – lino olopai & john castro
- Students –
- Reina to do - use mina ‘s email list to publicize; send add’l PSA to newspaper/tv;

b.) Feb 15 Right Route
- CRM & MINA will have a sign u sheet; participants will get pair of zori
- CRM via MINA will purchase 200 pairs of ‘walk it, don’t drive it’ zories to give away to Right Route participants
- CRM is pending approval on the advertisements for magazines & newspapers.
- MINA will publicize event via tv, radio, etc.

c.) April 22 Coral Parade
- no new info from MINA regarding the lead; spoke with Beach Road Magazine
- angelo suggested having a turtle event instead of the reef.
- Mike would like know more about event planning team/budget
- Build a coral reef event @ PDM

2. Review Mission, Involvement, Partnership, etc.
- Forum is an exceptional opportunity, but we are not effective if we do not get all the support or participation
- Invite: dive groups, fisherman (Chinese, Korean, etc.), schools,
- Let’s revisit in April after the above events.

New Business
Outreach Booth, Feb 16-17, Tinian Hot Pepper Festival

Next Meeting – Thurs, February 7, 9am, USDA Conference Room

Meeting adjourned at 10:35am

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