Monday, March 17, 2008

Meeting Minutes for Thursday, March 6, 2008

We held a coco meeting on Thur, March 6th @ DFW; the following were present:

Teny Topalian, Reina Camacho, kathleen Hermann and Olivia Tebuteb

CoCo welcomed Kathleen; she's the new coral reef fellow stationed at DEQ.

DEQ shared its upcoming events:
1) Cook A Rainbow ~ Cooking from our Reefs – Sat, March 29 @ Sabalu Market, 11am
2) Proclamation – tues, april 1 @ 10am (location TBD)
3) Environmental Expo – Tuesday, April 8 and Wed, April 9 @ Public Library 8am-12pm

Old business
1) Mission, Involvement, Partnership - TABLED (yet again...!)
2) NRM Program – comment period regarding the program scope from CoCo members has expired/completed; the advisory committee is ready to meet and discuss NRM Project Coordinator funding. IYOR – Right Route, draft directive was sent for comment; none were received. Reina will forward to Gov Office.
3) IYOR/Earth Day – Brooke sent her suggestions; no opposition from those present; go Brooke!
4) IYOR/Coral Parade (July 4) – TABLED.

New Biz – none.

Next meeting – Date: Thurs, April 3; time and locaiton will be determined via email

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